Friday 30 October 2009

Time to re-run the algorithm

I'd previously noted the optimal algorithm for naming names.

Looks like we'll need to run it again come April/May.

I should have the excel file from last time round; the updating just requires culling names that made the top 100 in the last two years. Much easier job.


  1. Congrats!

    If it's a girl, you should give her the middle name "Krueger."

  2. Congratulations Eric.

    Had we not already pretty much chosen a name for our first little one, we'd have had plenty of time to run algorithms over the past 2 weeks: T + 11 days and counting. She's running out of time though - things begin on Sunday ready or not.

  3. T+11? Yikes. Ira arrived bang on expected date; we'll see how 0.2 does. Good luck!

    Worth checking the chosen name against the list, if only to make sure (s)he won't have same name as half the class at school...

  4. Proposed girl's name is ranked #623 in US in 2008 (#947 in 1905). #30 in NZ in 2008 which is quite suprising given I've never encountered or heard of anyone with the name or having given it to their baby - might be a recent spike! Still, I don't think #30 will be too much to worry about from looking at others with that ranking from other years.