Sunday 11 October 2009

Christchurch Bloggers' Bash [Updated]

Update: Let's revise to a 9 PM start. The Aucklanders land at 9 and we don't want to have too much a head start on them.

Peter Cresswell (NotPC) and a few others are going to be showing up in Christchurch this weekend for the LibertariaNZ meetings; Cresswell being in town (potentially also Lindsay Mitchell) seems sufficient excuse for a night out. Shall we say 7 PM Friday at The Thirsty Weta?

I'll expect Paul Walker (AntiDismal) to attend; perhaps Brad Taylor as well? Anybody else?

If you're in Christchurch and want to buy a beer for some of your favorite bloggers, you're welcome to join!


  1. I'll come along, I'm in town this weekend.

  2. It would have been nice to meet you and the other bloggers and watchers. Unfortunately, I'm in Wellington. Sorry.

    Hope the amber flows freely :D

  3. I'll be there - as I am coming to town for the conference. I don't arrive in till 10pm however so I hope there are a few of you left at that time.

  4. It'll just be getting started at 10. :-)

  5. You might just be getting started at 10. I've got a beer in my hand now. See you in five hours.

    And bloody Eric'll be getting an earful about saying that 25% of the dreck in newspaper opinion columns is better than my stuff.

  6. Well that was fun. Bloody shame to hear that The Thirsty Weta is to have its lease cancelled by a council with an over-eager wrecking ball.

  7. I'd missed that -- they planning on moving elsewhere? They'd do better someplace Poplar St or Lichfield Lanes or Sol Square I'd reckon.