Thursday 15 October 2009

Darnton on ACC

When will one of the major dailies start running Darnton's commentaries? They're wonderful fun: far better than 75% of the dreck that shows up on opinion pages. Today he hits on ACC
Of course, ACC isn’t an insurance company; it’s yet another welfare agency. If it was an insurance company it would offer me a lower premium if I took on a larger excess. I might get a no claims discount. It could offer me exclusions for things I didn’t want to insure – for example, “self-harm.” I’m pretty sure I don’t need to insure against deliberately slicing myself with a razor. First, I’m not an idiot teenager. Second, if I’m desperate for attention I just knock together a scantly researched and inflammatory blog post.

Over the last few years, ACC has morphed into the Accident, Bad Luck, Stupidity, and Feeling Sad Compensation Corporation.
The last line is particularly nice.

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