Wednesday 30 May 2012

A sense of priorities

The Press surveys Christchurch residents about post-quake rebuilding priorities. I'm nosing about for the survey raw data, but here's the ranking from Paul Gorman's article. For each, I'm reporting what I think is the proportion reporting the item is at least "important" on a scale running from "Extremely unimportant" through "Extremely important", but I can't really be sure without seeing the survey report.

  • Redeveloping the hospital: 97%
  • Rebuilding public sports facilities: 91% 
  • Tourism facilities: 88%
  • New central-city police station: 88%
  • Town Hall (mostly a venue for the Symphony): 87%
  • Central Library: 86%
  • Avon River redevelopment: 81%
  • Christchurch Art Gallery: 80% said reopening is "urgent" [no clue how this fits onto the scale]
  • Cycle lanes: 78%
  • Car parks: 77%
  • Rebuilding the rugby stadium: 67%
  • Downtown sports centre: 63%
  • Commuter rail: 50%
The relative rankings are awfully interesting. Culture and the arts beat Big Sport; local community sports grounds matter more than the New Zealand Rugby Union. And commuter rail is rightly recognized as being way too expensive.

I don't know where the Arts Centre fits on the scale or if it wasn't on the survey. 

It's awfully encouraging to see that most folks have their priorities in a pretty reasonable ordering.

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