Thursday 31 May 2012

Tyler Tweets

If you hacked Tyler Cowen's twitter account, with almost 20k followers, surely you'd do something more interesting than send out a generic spam note about some new diet.
What a waste. Given this opportunity, you could either go for lulz or for money.

On the money side, I have a hard time seeing a better play than shorting Spanish or Italian debt and then claiming that you have it on good authority from a central bank insider that default is imminent. There's a slight risk you cause the default by setting a run, but that's more a feature than a bug. Update: On second thought, pushing a penny stock likely gets more cash but fewer lulz.

If you're in it for the lulz, @ModeledBehavior delivers up gold at #TylerTweets - the hashtag Justin Wolfers suggested. I'd put up this:
But @ModeledBehavior's offerings are much funnier:

@ModeledBehaviour, I salute you and your mad surrealist Cowenesque stylings. When you finally decide to make the end-game play with your growing Twitter and blogging audiences, it will be glorious.

Update: It gets better! While everybody who's anybody is playing #TylerTweets and often hitting @tylercowen in their updates, the spammer puts up another lame offering:

What a waste.

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