Wednesday 23 May 2012


Tomorrow is budget day here in New Zealand. What's going to be in the budget? Ask iPredict. But if you want the data at 2 PM tomorrow when the budget is released, download the Budget app this afternoon! I'm pasting the Treasury site below. If your Treasury hasn't got an app for your budget, why not?

NZ Budget App

Page updated 22 May 2012
The Treasury is launching the NZ Budget app for Android, iPhone and iPad to coincide with Budget 2012.
The app provides Budget-related video, Ministers' media statements, the Minister of Finance's Budget speech, the Executive Summary and Key Facts for Taxpayers.
Tablet versions of the app also provide the Fiscal Strategy Report and Budget Economic and Fiscal Update (BEFU).
Read the related media statement by Hon Bill English, Minister of Finance, on the Beehive website: Budget 2012 goes high tech with new app (22 May 2012).
Sample illustration of the NZ Budget app on an iPhone.

How to Get the App

The app will be available late on Wednesday afternoon. On your device you will be able to go to the App Store or Google Play and search for NZ Budget.
There is no charge for the NZ Budget app.

How the App Works

The app is not loaded with Budget 2012 data but receives it from a Wellington-based server after the embargo ends at 2pm on Budget day, 24 May 2012.
Until the embargo is lifted the app will not show any information. When Budget 2012 is released on 24 May, the app will automatically update and start to display Budget 2012 information.
The app will not contain all of the Budget 2012 information released on Budget day. For example, the largest Budget documents - the Estimates of Appropriations 2012/13, the ten sector volumes of the Information Supporting the Estimates 2012/13, and the Supplementary Estimates and Supporting Information 2011/12 - are not available on the app.
These Estimates documents and other Budget 2012-related material will be available on the Treasury website's Budget 2012 home page at:
The illustration on this page is a sample screenshot of the NZ Budget app on an iPhone using a chart from the Key Facts for Taxpayers from Budget 2011.


The Treasury welcomes feedback on the NZ Budget app.

1 comment:

  1. Here is my feedback:
    Aren't you supposed to be saving money?
    How much did making an app cost, and is it really more accessible than either:
    a) A website
    b) A PDF
    Will you be supporting every other platform in the known universe in your pursuit of wasting even more taxpayers money?
    Please let us know if you get more than 100 downloads.