Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Light binge drinkers

According to Barry Jackson (Radio NZ interview), if you've consumed 5 standard drinks in one day anytime in the last month (4 for women), you're a light binge drinker. If you've done it once in the last two weeks, you're a moderate binge drinker.

The pint of Emerson's JP I had the other night was 3.3 standard drinks. Combine that with a pint of anything else, and you've just had a binge drinking session.

He lauds the American system where drunk in public is a criminal offense and where having an alcohol conviction can mean you're forbidden from practicing in any of some 40 different professions requiring registration.

I wonder how long 'till he starts pushing for legislation against "drunk at home" as well...

Andrew Norton provides a more sensible take on liberalism versus paternalism.

HT: Luke Malpass

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