Sunday, 22 November 2009

Science is alive and well in Canterbury

  1. Hypothesis
    1. That the beehive-looking thing on the lawn isn't actually a beehive.
  2. Apparatus
    1. Beehive-looking thing.
    2. Lawnmower.
  3. Method
    1. Apply lawnmower to beehive-looking thing.
  4. Results
    1. Bees!
  5. Conclusions
    1. Bees don't like to be mown.
    2. Despite my advanced years, I am still faster than 90 per cent of bees.
    3. Ten per cent of a hive of bees is still quite a lot of bees.
    4. Even as an adult, bee-stings are surprisingly painful.

From David Haywood

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