Thursday 26 November 2009

Ok, now I'm starting to update

Today's Hadley Center news:
  • Declan McClullagh says programmers are now starting to go over Hadley's code and are particularly unimpressed.
  • Ron Bailey at Reason points to William Briggs' critique of the statistics. I'm most surprised that they seemed to be using smoothed data but not adjusting their confidence intervals appropriately: in econometrics, this is called the generated regressor problem. Yikes.
  • George Monbiot continues to be dismayed about Hadley's lack of professionalism and their utter incompetence in dealing with the current crisis.
  • Colby Cosh weighs in.
  • Gene Expression links to more responses from folks who've tried making FOIA requests of Hadley and computer programmers looking at the code
  • Arnold Kling also makes the link between macro and climate science

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