Monday, 23 November 2009

Quip of the day

Icebreaker notices Sarah Palin wears their garb for her Newsweek cover.
Palin is notorious for her support for oil drilling and posing with a rifle over a dead moose. Icebreaker is a New Zealand company specialising in eco-friendly clothing. The two are an incongruous fit.

But Icebreaker managing director Jeremy Moon said the top had worked wonders for Palin, who recently released her memoir, Going Rogue.

"The fact that Sarah Palin looks hot and intelligent on the cover of Newsweek is testament to the transformative power of New Zealand merino against the skin," he said.
Wow. Wonder if Moon had to run that one by their brand manager.

Cass Sunstein's Solidarity in Consumption suggests there can be brand niches of this sort. Hmm.


  1. Could be worse. McCain or Key wearing it? Palin, all the way.

  2. Oh, not saying she doesn't look good in it, Shane. Rather that I have a really hard time imagining a US brand being this harsh about anything.