Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Guy Fawkes in Canada

I'd not heard of Guy Fawkes Day growing up in Canada. But hearing about our fireworks, she noted my Great Grandmother's story of the fancy-dress Orangement Ball held in her time on the 5th of November in Altamont, Manitoba: "and if any Catholics were seen at this ball they were chased out. That was before my time. I still think it was a stupid thing."

Grandma is 87 so this would then be early 1900s. Wikipedia makes no note of Guy Fawkes ever having been celebrated in Manitoba, and my Grandmother knew it only as the Orangement Ball. I believe "Orangement" refers to the members of Orange societies.

I prefer to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day in the V for Vendetta style than in its proper historical context. Chasing out the Catholics...yeesh (but certainly more historically accurate).

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