Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Well, this wasn't entirely predictable

Berks dealers say federal clunkers program has made cheap, used vehicles harder to find
The Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index reported that prices reached record highs in September. The consulting firm that publishes the index blamed low inventories.

That's bad news in Berks, where many shoppers seek inexpensive, used vehicles, especially during difficult economic times, said George Tabakelis, general manager of Perry Auto Service & Sales on Route 61 in Perry Township.

"Customers used to be able to find a good car for their son or daughter to take to college for $2,000 or $3,000, but now that same car may cost $5,000," Tabakelis said. "It's sad."

He, too, blames cash for clunkers, which has led to fewer vehicles being available at used-car auctions, and the recession.

Dealers specializing in newer, more-expensive used cars say they haven't seen the same shortage of available inventory, because those vehicles weren't traded in as clunkers.

HT: Radley Balko

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